Producer / Military Advisor - Ray joined the Navy in 1997 and served for over 16 years as a Member of Seal Team 5 and a Land Warfare Training Detachment and BUD/s instructor. Ray was introduced to filmmaking while performing in Act of Valor and went on to serve as a Military Advisor on Peter Berg’s Lone Survivor. Since then he has worked both in front of and behind the camera on multiple projects. He recently produced the documentary series The Warfighters and The Selection for History Channel. Ray is especially proud of The Warfighters for which he employed more than 90 Veterans across multiple military branches on the production. Ray's vast experiences in entertainment and special operations are the perfect blend to bring authentic stories of our men and women in uniform to the screen.






Producer/Military Advisor - Jariko was born in Washington DC and as a military brat grew up all over the world and across the US. In 1997 he enlisted in the Army and after initial training he completed assessment and selection for the 75th Ranger Regiment. He was then assigned to 2nd Ranger Battalion at Ft Lewis Washington. Jariko went on to serve in the Ranger Regiment for 15 and a half years and deployed to combat 15 times in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2002-2012 as a Weapons Squad Leader, Rifle Platoon Sergeant, and Ranger Company First Sergeant totaling 54 months of combat experience as part of a Joint Special Operations Task Force. Jariko Retired from active duty in 2017 after four years as the Senior Military Science Instructor at St. John's University in New York City, and over twenty years of total service. Since entering the film industry Jariko has worked on several major motion pictures, one television series, and several national commercials. He now lives in Los Angeles.